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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should one choose Noble Academy over other language training centres in Calgary?
A. Noble Academy is focused on student success, and carefully selects teachers with specialized and advanced qualifications, unlike many other centres, which do not ensure that the teachers have relevant or advanced degrees. In terms of international students, we have an effective network for simplifying and completing their arrangements to travel to Canada.
Q. How does Noble Academy help International Students come to Canada, and settle?
A. Noble Academy has active connections for facilitating admission, immigration, settlement, and training of international students.
Q. What Language programs are offered at Noble Academy?
A. We offer training in ESL English, with special focus on preparing students for the IELTS and TOEFL examinations.
Q. What Science programs are offered at Noble Academy?
A. We offer tutoring in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Science, for various grades up to University.
Q. What qualifications do the instructors at Noble Academy hold?
A. Our teachers have specialized degrees in their respective fields, including BA, BSc, MA, MSc, and PhD, as well as BEd and Med.
Q. How do teachers at Noble Academy help students achieve academic success?
A. The qualifications, experience, dedication, and enthusiasm of our faculty has consistently benefited our students, and many have referred friends, family, and colleagues as a result
Q. Are there any testimonials from past or current students?
A. Many of our students have gone on to pursue higher studies in several Canadian Universities, while others have obtained needed certifications in English Language competency. We have many students who are willing to relate the satisfaction and success that they have gained from studying with us at Noble Academy. Should you wish to speak to any of them, we would be happy to put you in contact with them.
Q. What schedules do you operate at Noble Academy?
A. We are open Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m to 10 p.m., and are available to support our students 24 hours, 7 days a week, as needed, especially our international students.
Q. Where is Noble Academy located, and is it easy to access this location, and to find parking at your premises?
A. Our location is Suite 204, 1211 14 Street SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C4, Canada. We are close to the downtown, with extensive traffic connections, yet we also have ample parking spaces on our premises.