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IELTS (General)_02122022 TEST TOPIC

2022.02.26 01:28

robyn 조회 수:857

Writing Topic


TASK-1) Dear Sir or Madam,


The department store manager is looking for someone to work at a department store in the neighborhood. You are interested in it and would like to send an email to apply there.

- How did you find out about the recruitment announcement?

- What does it do?

- How will you show your abilities?


TASK-2) Personal Opinion Essay


Some people say that the best way to learn second language is to go to the country and try it for yourself. What do you think?


Speaking Topic



.Where is your hometown?
.What do you like about your home town?

.What are you currently doing?

.Do you usually drive? Or is it the person
sitting in the passenger seat?

.Do you think color is important when buying a car? why?


.[lost&found] Have you ever lost something and got it back?


.[lost&found] Have you ever found someone's lost item? How did you feel?






Describe a world without computers or cell phones.


- what it is to you


- what are you doing


- why is it important


Explain why you think it is important and why it would be difficult to live without it.




.What do you use your computer for? what's good


.Why do young students prefer technology? Why buy it?


.Some people throw away things that are valuable. Why do you think it is?


.Do you think technology can help your school classroom?